Central Park
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When my husband and I go out on a date it typically involves dinner and a movie.  I recently began trying to lose weight and get healthier.   With that in mind, I didn’t think that a date revolving around eating would be the best idea.  Even going to the movies is not going to work because when I go to the movies I just have to have a icy cold soda and hot buttered popcorn!   So I started thinking about some possible date ideas that would allow us to be a bit more active.   A plus to this is that, when you are active, your body release hormones know as endorphins, which can give you feelings of euphoria and well-being.  I came up with the following ideas.  Some are a bit too adventurous for me, but perhaps you might enjoy them.

Active Date Ideas

  1. Play Mini golf
  2. Learn to rock climb
  3. GpBowling
  4. Play Paintball
  5. Go Dancing
  6. Be tourists/take a tour
  7. Rent a few Wii games from Redbox
  8. Visit an orchard and pick fruit
  9. Take dance lssons
  10. Rent a rowboat
  11. Go canoeing
  12. Volunteer to clean up a park or help at a soup kitchen
  13. Go on a scavenger hunt
  14. Play laser tag
  15. Go to an amusement park
  16. Go Skiing
  17. Cook a healthy meal
  18. Run or walk a 5k
  19. Go Snowmobiling
  20. Take a workout class
  21. Plant trees
  22. Go Sledding
  23. Go Horseback riding
  24. Walk the dog
  25. Go roller skating
  26. Go ice skating
  27. Go window shopping
  28. Go fishing
  29. Play darts
  30. Take a hike
  31. Go for a bike ride
  32. Try Go-kart racing
  33. Do some Gardening
  34. Play pool
  35. Go Scuba diving
  36. Play basketball
  37. Go Water-skiing
  38. Play tennis
  39. Go kayaking
  40. Play beach volleyball
  41. Play Golf
  42. Go Swimming
  43. Go Snorkeling
  44. Play frisbee
  45. Rent Paddle Boats
  46. Play Frisbee
  47. Go tubing down the river
  48. Go whitewater rafting
  49. Take a trip to the waterpark
  50. Go to the driving range
  51. Play badminton
  52. Have a snowball fight
  53. Have a water balloon fight
  54. Take a helicopter ride
  55. Fly a kite
  56. Take a hot air balloon ride
  57. Go sailing
  58. Talk a walk along the beach or boardwalk
  59. Visit a batting cage
  60. Go singing and dancing in the rain
  61. Play a round of croquet
  62. Take a ride on a ferry
  63. Jump on a trampoline
  64. Play racket ball
  65. Play kids games such as tag or hide and go seek
  66. Play capture the flag
  67. Put on bathing suits and wash each other’s car
  68. Rent a bicycle for two
  69. Go bungee jumping
  70. Visit area fountains and make wishes
  71. Play with remote control cars or boats
  72. Build sand castles
  73. Make snowmen
  74. Pack a picnic and go to the park
  75. Go to the gym together

 What do you enjoy doing on a date?


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